While visiting my daughter in Mexico I was once again enchanted by the open-air markets teaming with locals selling all kinds of herbs with each having its unique purpose and remedy. During what seemed like an endless drive back together to the Berkshires, we spent the entire time planning how we could use local resources to bring the open-air market feel into the homes and hearts of our neighbors.

In Mexico, herbs are often used in medicines and teas, but we`ve never been big tea drinkers. Perhaps, we mused, there was no need to ingest the herbs at all, for as we left our memories in the rear-view we realized it was the scent and tactile herbal qualities that infused our souls. Calming Lavender, energizing Peppermint, the healing powers of Mugwort and Comfrey.

We would make soaps, ones which show the deepest respect for the earth and its` bounties. Organic, aromatic, herbal, essential oil blends to help sustain the body through winter`s chill ... unique varieties to wash off the sweltering days of summer and ones that simply pamper.

This is Dancing Bare Soap. We know you`ll love it, because we do.